Flagship Initiatives

Community Hubs

Building community


In 2011 the Scanlon Foundation funded a three-year pilot program Supporting Parents – Developing Children in Hume, Victoria. This pilot was instrumental in the establishment of the Community Hubs network.

Community Hubs are welcoming places located in primary schools where families, especially those from migrant and refugee backgrounds, can come to connect, share and learn.

Through hubs, families can connect with organisations that provide health, education and settlement support. They can participate in classes, get to know their local school and build relationships with others and the community.

The bonds created through Community Hubs—between individuals, the local community and support services and institutions—strengthen families’ sense of place and belonging in their neighbourhood and ultimately contribute to Australia’s social cohesion.

Tens of thousands of family’s access Community Hubs each year, finding an inclusive and welcoming place where they can grow in confidence and skill to nurture their children’s learning and become active and connected participants in the wider community.

From these first nine Community Hubs, the program has expanded across Australia. Today, there are more than 100 Community Hubs in four Australian states.


Years Supported

2011 – Present