North Melbourne Learning and Life Centre
('The Huddle')

The North Melbourne Learning and Life Centre, known as 'The Huddle', is Australia's most innovative community facility embedded within an elite sporting environment. The programs of education, skills development & health are designed to help build community capacity, promote multiculturalism and strengthen social cohesion across the community as a whole and in particular the North West Corridor of Melbourne.

It was established in 2009 by the North Melbourne Football Club, with the support of the Scanlon Foundation in partnership with the Australian Multicultural Foundation to address the causes of youth disengagement and improve social cohesion in the local area.

Last year some 5,000 young people attended The Huddle and participated in its programs, see It is open to all young people (aged 9-25) in North Melbourne and surrounding areas, with a particular focus on the needs of migrant communities.

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