Social Cohesion Research

The Scanlon Foundation’s Social Cohesion Research Program was established to enhance the understanding of the impact of immigration on social cohesion in Australia and to pursue the Foundations mission “to support the creation of a more cohesive Australian society”.

The Scanlon Foundation believes that the future prosperity of Australia, underpinned by continued population growth, will depend on our ability to maintain social cohesion in a society with even more cultural diversity than we have successfully accommodated historically.

The Foundation, in seeking to create awareness and knowledge based discussion about Australia’s population growth and its relationship to social cohesion, has provided substantial funding grants in the following areas of research:

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Mapping Australia’s Population (MAP)

The Scanlon Foundation is supporting at Monash University, under the direction of Professor Andrew Markus, the ‘Mapping Australia’s Population (MAP) Project’ which aims to provide independent, authoritative, evidence-based analysis of data on population and immigration in Australia, to inform media, public and policy debates.

The website seeks to augment informed discussion of immigration and population issues by making available;

  • The Scanlon Foundation Mapping of Social Cohesion Surveys
  • An inventory of Australian Public Opinion Surveys
  • Current Population and Immigration Statistics
  • Population Maps

Mapping of Social Cohesion Surveys

Monash University, in partnership with the Scanlon Foundation and the Australian Multicultural Foundation, is continuing to undertake a major Social Cohesion Research program. This research is focused on monitoring how Australia in the future can maintain the ‘immigration with social cohesion’ success story of the last 5 decades. See summaries of our most recent surveys

You can view a short Mapping Social Cohesion 2013 Video to view the key outcomes or watch a grab from yesterday's Launch at the Immigration Museum.

Sustaining Population Growth

In 2005 the Foundation engaged the Australian Centre for Population Research at ANU (Australian National University), led by Professor Peter McDonald & Rebecca Kippen, to undertake projections of Australia’s population and the role of immigration  to enable work to be pursued on sustaining population growth which led to a future population target of 30 million Australians by 2050. In shorthand we refer this to 30/50

The Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering were then commissioned and in 2007 a major study Report was released entitled 30/50 The Technological Implications of an Australian Population of 30 million by 2050.

This study concludes that there are no insurmountable technological, engineering or environmental barriers to Australia sustaining a population of 30 million by 2050, assuming that thorough analysis and planning occur and that leadership is exercised by governments. See the Foundation Chairman, Peter Scanlon’s address at the ATSE launch of the report.

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