Major Community Development Projects

Working In Partnership: The Scanlon Foundation, Local Communities and Government working together to Enhance Social Cohesion.

Assisted by research, the Foundation is proactive in identifying key issues and is committing significant expenditure and time over a number of years to a range of Major Projects in areas of high immigrant populations.

Current international research indicates that the potential to 'make a difference' is best achieved through multiple actions being taken systematically and simultaneously within a Local Government Area (LGA).

The Foundation is currently pursuing major project studies and investments in a number of LGA’s where there are; high percentage of immigrants, large numbers of non-English speaking persons, high level of unemployment and diverse religious affiliations.

Supporting Parents - Developing Children' in the City of Hume in Victoria

‘Supporting Parents - Developing Children’ a program focused on supporting families from CALD backgrounds by supporting parents with literacy and language support for children 0-5 years old more...

'The Huddle' Learning and Life Community Centre in North Melbourne

The Scanlon Foundation is supporting the ongoing development and operations of a state of the art Learning and Life Centre called 'The Huddle' in North Melbourne. The Huddle's programs of education, skills development & health are designed to help build community capacity, promote multiculturalism and strengthen social cohesion across the community as a whole and in particular the North West Corridor of Melbourne. more...

National Community Hubs Project

The Scanlon Foundation, in partnership with the Migration Council Australia and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute is pursuing an objective to establish 100 new community hubs in primary schools across Australia to enhance social cohesion and improve connections to support services provided by the three tiers of government for migrant mothers and their preschool children. more...

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