Celebrating Diversity at Work

'A Taste of Harmony' is an annual week which celebrates cultural diversity by inviting all Australian to share their food and culture at work. Each year for one week in March, Australian workplaces are encouraged to host a food related event which is designed to stimulate conversation between colleagues, breaking down cultural barriers and creating a better team environment. Big or small – every Australian workplace can get involved in this initiative.

Australians bring a rich mix of cultural influence to the workplace and this is worth celebrating. When people from different backgrounds break bread together, something special happens - social barriers dissolve in place of greater tolerance and personal connections. A Taste of Harmony enables all Australians to share a part of their background by sharing food and culture with colleagues. Research supports that workplaces who embrace cultural diversity are also proven to be more productive.

We need your assistance in helping to promote A Taste of Harmony to workplaces throughout Australia as well as participating at your own workplace. For ideas on how this might occur you might like to visit the campaign's website www.tasteofharmony.org.au

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