Scanlon Foundation

The Scanlon Foundation was established in 2001 with the purpose of enhancing social cohesion within Australia

Since its inception in 2001 we have supported over 300 recipient organisations around Australia. Our principle focus is:

Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion relates to social connectedness in a community and its sense of unity, trust, belonging, acceptance and tolerance. It is a key factor in social stability and harmony.

Australia's uniquely diverse culture is arguably one of its most defining characteristics. Our continued ability to achieve Social Cohesion with such diversity is paramount to the quality of life for all Australians.

The Scanlon Foundation therefore fosters Social Cohesion through a range of activities that currently include;

Scanlon Foundation Charter

In its mission to enhance Social Cohesion the Scanlon Foundation recognizes the significance of cultural diversity within Australia and seeks to;

Support Capacity -building and program delivery including through 'Grassroots' Community based organizations that;

The Foundation often in collaboration also invests in projects that;

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