City of Hume Projects

(Supporting Parents - Developing Children)

In the southern half of the City of Hume more than half the residents were born overseas, primarily from Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Italy and Vietnam. Research identified the lack of involvement by migrant women with young children in the community and the lower level of development and social contact of pre-school children of immigrants.

The Hume Project aims to better engage vulnerable children and families in early childhood services, particularly new migrant families, throughout southern Hume City.

This project, involving an investment of nearly $3m over three years ($1m from the Foundation), is a unique opportunity to see what can be achieved when all levels of Government along with substantial philanthropic and community support, join together to approach an issue in a coordinated and systematic way.

An Information Brochure on the Project was prepared and distributed at an official launch of the project in February 2011. Subsequently a First Supporting Parents-Developing Children Newsletter was distributed to stakeholders and the community in August 2011. This has been followed up with a Second Supporting Parents-Developing Children Newsletter in May 2012.

Further ongoing information about this project can be found on the City of Hume's website:

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